Welcome to The Art of Getting Lost and Found

I’m glad you’re here.

After college, I felt lost. I had been living the ‘dream’ in New York City. I had interned at a huge fashion company and worked full-time (while I was still a full-time student) at one of the most recognizable, privately owned events venues in in the city.

And then, I moved back to Maine.

Interview after interview I was told that I didn’t have enough experience, or I’d get offered some entry-level job for under $30,000 a year. I made more money than that while I was still a student in college. I found it more and more difficult to keep my eye rolls invisible as I reminisced on all the stuff I had already accomplished at only 22 years old:

  • I had helped some friends start a nonprofit organization.
  • I had worked with big name celebrities by coordinating their day-to-day media relations, photo shoots, and interviews.
  • I had been the assistant of the Director of Operations at a venue that hosted thousands of people every weekend.
  • I had learned to manage and negotiate contracts, riders, and artists.
  • I had two consultant side hustles tutoring PR students and developing strategic plans for start-up events companies.

But for some reason I wasn’t experienced enough to manage a newsletter, internal communications and social media strategies?

I felt like I made a mistake coming home.

So, I started writing about it on a simple WordPress blog site. It began with advice to recent college grads, job interview tips and tricks, and then it got deeper as it dove into national news headlines, struggles with anxiety, loss, and ultimately finding faith.

The Art of Getting Lost and Found is not my story – it is OUR story.

Eight years ago this began with a post called, This Is How We Say Hello. It was simple then and it’s simple now:

This blog is about self discovery. It will be filled with imperfections in grammar, but it will also be filled with love and good intention. It’s a project about getting lost and found.

And because it’s how it started, that’s how we’ll do this again – This is how we say hello.


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