1st of the Month

I grew up with a Dad in sales. He was really good at what he did/does, but I remember his mantra: The first of every month we start over.

So, it seems appropriate that I started over on September 1st.

I remember while I was in the U.K. this past April feeling that I needed to redirect myself. I sat on a cliff on my birthday, and as I looked out at that ocean I felt like it was time to be brave. As I sat in silence with a friend in Wales and we looked out from a pasture on a hillside I found my mind wandering to all the what ifs…

What if I wasn’t so scared? What if I just started creating the life of my dreams? What does that life look like? What if I chose to start over when I got home? What if I failed? What if I succeeded?

As I wandered the streets of London and Windsor I frequently imagined a life that would allow me to do more traveling, exploring, and growing – a life that had more meaning to me and those around me.

I’ve always maintained consulting for friends on projects and social media campaigns as a side gig because I love it. Which is why I started looking at the kind of consulting I felt capable of doing when I got home.

I felt guilt over this dream, mostly because I loved my job. I loved the family I had there, and I loved the opportunities they had given me. Honestly, I never envisioned leaving, but there was this desire to get back to marketing – a nagging desire to write more; to create more; to develop a path I loved more.

Deciding what to do next meant asking myself what is it that I actually can do:

I can write.

I can develop content.

I can manage social media like a boss.

I can create captivating visuals.

I can tell your story in a way that inspires others to take action.

I can develop tool kits.

I can create and maintain marketing plans.

I can help an organization envision and execute a strategic plan.

I can develop ad copy.

I can write speeches.

I can plan and promote events.

I can build networks and communities.

By embracing the fork in the road I get a chance to refocus, and to start on the path to the life I envisioned. I get to pursue my passion for marketing and get back to the public relations professional I always dreamed I’d grow up to be.

In true sales fashion: It’s a new month, so let the fun begin.

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