On My Own

Writer’s block. Damn, that struggle is real. Since I can’t think of anything good to say, I’ll share something I wrote on November 20, 2009:


Farewell to Summer

Sweet butterflies
Dew drops falling in my sky
Warmth of something from within
Feeling cool pavement on my skin
Missing silence and emptiness
Wanting nothing more than solitude, nothing but my thoughts and me
I let go of my past so long ago but it always finds me
I try to run and I say we’re through
You’re only a shadow of a memory, but you still try to haunt me
Don’t ruin my happiness
I won’t faulter, I won’t break
You can’t have me
I’ve got something new
Something used without the blue
Traffic and confusion suit me
Like a conchord I push on and I find the solution to the maze
I’m in a new phase
But I still miss the dew drops on my skin
That warmth you gave me from within
Sunrises are beautiful
New beginnings, hopeful wishing
But sunsets are when you see the truth
In every day is night; nothing is infinite
In the darkness with nothing but ourselves we have to find our way
Find a spark to light the dark
See a path or make our own
Your hands may be mine to hold, but I choose to walk alone
I’m not afraid of lonliness even when it’s you I long to miss
But this time you won’t take my breath with your kiss
You’re pandora; an innocence stealer
But my heart you’ll never take
From now on I create my own fate


xoxo EJB

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