The Bachelor? More Like Mean Girls 2

competitive-soccer-the-bachelorSo many of my friends (and parents) are fans of The Bachelor and until this season, I had never watched the show. The idea of watching women compete for a man’s attention in ‘challenges’  while being over sexualized (this week’s soccer uniforms…) seems degrading and honestly, unrealistic. Do we really still live in a world in which women subject themselves to these sorts of caveman antics? Ugh.However, I decided it was also incredibly presumptuous of me to hate a show that I had never even watched.

So I decided to go into it openminded. I enjoyed the first episode and even laughed at some of the fanatics who claimed to be in love with a man that they maybe spent 5 minutes with, but overall, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the show.

The second episode is when I started to pick real favorites and also develop strong opinions of those ladies that needed to go home soon.

Episode three… I have never been more angry at women in my entire life. I found it disgusting as they bullied and picked apart Jubilee. Why did they hate her? Oh, because she’s not like them. She avoids drama, sticks to herself, and is the most independent and badass lady on the show.

Jubliee and Ben

On her date with Ben she reveals the truth about her life before she was adopted. Her whole family died. This woman is a survivor and should be admired for all that she has done. She gets adopted into a family in America and when she’s old enough she enlists in our armed forces to protect and defend the people in this country. Jubilee is my hero. I sobbed as she bared her soul, and I applauded Ben for handling it with such grace and admiration. Because he should. We all should admire this woman. Whether she is the one for Ben or not, she is one of the most impressive people on this show.

Of course, none of the other girls even know how amazing she is because she hasn’t spoken to them about it. What do they do? They turn into a bunch of mean girls, belittling her and attacking her, and being jealous of her quiet confidence in who she is as a human being.

Oh, and did I mention that Ben just found out that two people close to him have died? I’m sorry Olivia, but after crying about your cankles, you’re lucky you got a rose. He just had people he cared about DIE! Jubilee, having experienced traumatic loss, doesn’t make it about her… she gives the poor guy a massage and lets him know that she hopes he feels better soon. All the mean girls stare, talk smack about how not OK it is for her to show him this kind of affection, and ultimately interrupt her time with him because they’re all upset about the fact that they might not get a rose.

Hello, ladies?!?! I may not be an expert in relationships, but if my man was upset and stressed out I wouldn’t make it about me. A massage sounds like the perfect way to unwind and relax… which is what Ben needed. Everyone chill.

This all escalates to making Jubilee cry in a bathroom, and kudos to Ben for actually getting involved and shutting down the nastiness by reassuring Jubilee (in front of mean girl instigator) that what they have is nice and that he had a wonderful time with her on their date. And kudos for Jubilee handling it like a boss- removing herself from the drama and keeping it classy.

Despite my complete anger with all of this, I have to say that now I’m hooked. I’m rooting for Jubilee because she is real. She is real about her flaws, her insecurities, and she owns who she is… I admire that and you should too.


*I would also like to say that my current favorite is Caila… because she seems like the kind of girl you want to be best friends with AND she handled the cheap date like a pro. Oh, and stayed clear of all mean girl antics.




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