What Do You Love To Do?

When was the last time someone asked you what do you love to do? Or better yet, when was the last time you asked yourself that question?

No, not for a career, but outside of your job– what do you love to do?

For me, it was yesterday. It caught me off guard, mostly because I can’t think of the last time someone asked me this outside of a job interview or awkward online dating ‘getting to know you’ conversation. And I definitely don’t remember the last time I actually spent some time thinking about it.

If you had asked me as a kid, I would have been able to rattle off a hundred different things– playing in the field in a world I created; climbing the tree in my backyard that was a part of a mystical place only I could see; putting on concerts for hours in the back bedroom in our country house; pretending that the back deck railings were balance beams and creating intricate gymnastics routines on them; laying on the grass watching the clouds shift as the sun kissed my skin, etc.

A typical Friday night looks a lot like this plus some wine and Netflix...
A typical Friday night looks a lot like this plus some wine and Netflix…

But ask me now and I’m all like… what the heck do I love to do? I found myself stumbling and stuttering– I love volunteering, I love hanging out with my dog and watching Netflix while sipping wine– but what about the fun stuff? What motivates me? What makes me happy?

The truth is, all of those things I loved as a kid I still love now, but as a grown-up running around in a make believe world isn’t really kosher. There is one place I can still do that though– in my writing. Since I was 6, I’ve kept a journal and in different points of my life this journaling has taken many forms– poems, short verses, pictures, abstract thoughts, elaborate stories, film scripts, etc.– essentially, my world that was once vivid and imaginative now resides in words on a piece of paper.

When I write I feel free. I feel free to be myself– sharing ridiculous thoughts or making up some crazy fantastical world seems a little less crazy and a whole lot more normal. So what do I love to do? I love to write. I love to create and to bring things to life. I love helping people escape the madness– even if it’s just for a little while.

I’m grateful that someone asked me I got to reflect on this very serious question, so I’m going to flip the tables and ask… what do you love to do?

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