297 Days

154293_10151243536124311_1645597017_n“I can’t promise that you won’t get eaten by sharks, attacked by kangaroos, mauled by dingos, carried off by a drop bear, or bitten by bugs or snakes… But I can promise we’re gonna have fun!”

With 297 days until my Australia trip, I am dying with anticipation, nerves and excitement. I’m excited because, obviously, it’s Australia– a place I’ve been dying to go to since I was a kid, and I honestly doubted I’d ever get there. I’m nervous because it’s 3 weeks… 21 days… in a place basically on the other side of the world with a friend I haven’t seen in nearly a decade, with a 12-hour time difference (hard to chat with people back home), and limited cell phone use.

Happy quokka

Yes, I can’t wait to unwind and to unplug, but it’s going to be strange going by myself. I spent a long time thinking that I would be taking this trip with some friends and that we’d be doing it together, but then I realized that it was going to be just me. I’ve read just about every single possible book on making the trip– how to survive a long flight— what’s the best airline to travel on– how can I get the most points for sky miles– what to pack for a 21 day road trip.

I’ve basically been stalking my buddy’s profile on Facebook to see what I might see on our trip from Perth to Port Hedland, and honestly. it looks amazing. He told me to make a list of all the things I want to see and do, and the reality is that there are simply way too many things, but I have decided on the following:

Swimming with whale sharks because when in world will I ever have the opportunity to do that again? (i.e. Ningaloo, Shark Bay, Coral Bay)

See the outback because it’s Australia and you have to.

Take a selfie with a quokka because they are possibly the most adorable and happy little creatures in the entire world.

Hold a koala because again, it’s Australia and that’s necessary.

Pinnacles in Western Australia
Pinnacles in Western Australia

Explore the pinnacles because I need a selfie with one of those bad boys (i.e. Cervantes), and it’s essentially Star Wars, but in real life.

See the stromatolites because it’s basically the oldest fossil on earth

Visit Karijini because we could literally spend the whole trip in that region and never run out of things to see (Kalbarri would also be epic)

Stromatolites in Shark Bay

Cape Keraudren Nature Reserve because there is no better way to end a trip than on a beach

I’m pretty sure that I haven’t even scraped the surface, but I am beyond excited to share this adventure with Denholm and I’m super grateful that he’s taking the time off to make sure I can experience as much of Western Australia as possible! I also can’t wait to share my experience here with all of you.

Now, time to get busy at the gym for 297 days…

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