Holy Cr@p, I’m Almost 30!

This birthday was a weird one. I turned 27, and I know that to many people that is not old, but for some reason I felt like the clock began ticking a little louder than before. At 27, my mother became my mother. She was married and had started a family. At 27, I just got a job that I actually love that also includes a salary that can actually pay all of my bills without my second job.

At 27, I may not have children so I may not understand the fear that comes with being a parent, but I have a fear of not being fulfilled in every possible way. 30 is by no means old, but when you’re younger, 30 is the time you thought you’d be settled in and feeling like a wise sage. I’m so far from it. That’s why this year, I made a vow to embrace change; say yes to travel, and to be fearless in living each moment to the fullest.

While marriage and children are definitely not happening in my 27th year, I decided the following things will absolutely happen:

Made A Fitness Commitment

I’ve made false goals before by relying on a class or a gadget to somehow trigger massive success. The most success I ever had with my weight was when I made a commitment to it. This year, I made that commitment. 5 days a week, no excuses. Eat healthier so that I don’t feel guilty when I have the ice cream cone every once in a while.


I have family and friends in California, so why I have I never gone? I mean, free places to stay. Flights are not that expensive. So, I’m going.


OK, so Australian flights are CRAZY expensive, but again, I have a free place to stay in Perth, so why am I not going? I have a friend, Thomas, who said, “There’s always going to be bills to pay and expenses at home, but we only get the chance to be young once.” Thomas, this trip is because of you buddy!

Say No

Do you ever feel like you just can’t say no? Well, stop feeling guilty and start saying no! This is something I started last year, but I am still working on this year. Saying no is not a bad thing. Say yes to the things that make you happy and make you feel fulfilled. The other stuff that is weighing you down… like Elsa said, “let it go.”

Do More Of What You Love

This ties into my previous point and is by far the MOST IMPORTANT on this list… My Dad said to me, “The time you have to be completely selfish in your life is fleeting and it should not be taken for granted.” No, he’s not encouraging me to only care about myself, his point was to do more of what you love and what makes you feel good.

Personally, being on a zillion committees is stressful, but it’s way less stressful when it’s for things I believe in– so, I choose to be a part of the United Way, Cynergy and others that make me feel like I’m making my community a better place. Giving up my free evenings is hard to do, but not as hard when I’m giving back to kids through Healing Hearts. Going to work each day can seem like a pain, but I don’t find myself counting down the minutes in my new position because I’m doing what I love.

So, I challenge you to be brave, never settle for less than your dreams, and to never fear crossing out of your comfort zone. After all, that’s where the magic happens!

Where did/do you see yourself at 30?

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